Staple Gun Tacker (WT Series)

Staple Gun Tacker manufacturer & Supplier
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-Gs Approved.
-Worldwide Patent
-Fits Arrow, MIT, ESCO, Rapid Staples.

Product Specifications

WT-100A & WT-100AN:
Heavy duty Staple Gun with 1000 Staples
6mm-14mm Staples, Steel Body, CHROME PLATE
6 sets/Inner Box, 24 set/CTN
Cuft:1.8` N.W./G.W :26.8/28.6 kgs
WT-227 &227B:
Light duty Staple Gun with 200 Staples
4mm-8mm Staples, Plastic Body
10pcs/Inner Box, 40 pcs/CTN
cuft: 2`, N.W./G.W. 13/14 kgs
Light duty staple Gun with 200 staples
4mm-8mm staples. steel Body.
6pcs/Inner Box,36 pcs/CTN
Cuft:1.4` N.W/G.W: 14.5/15.5kgs.

Contact Info
Company Name:WELCOME CO., LTD.(Exporter,Manufacturer,Direct sales,Retailer,Distributor,Wholesaler,Importer)
Contact Person:Richard Chang
Business Address:4F., No.276, Sec. 1, Ta Tung Rd., Hsi Chih District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
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