Multi-functional stainless peeler (PE-01)

Multi-functional stainless peeler manufacturer & Supplier
Price per Unit: Please Call
  • Mini Order:1000
  • Packing:1000
  • Delivery:30 DAYS

●Serrated double blade
●Fold-out head for garnishing.
●Half-rounded cutter for garnishing and potato root heads ●Triangle cutter for garnishing and integrated orange peeler.




Product Specifications

Material: ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel
Individual Weight Without Packing: 80 g
Approx. Product Dimensions Without Packing: 15L X 7.5W X 2.5H

Contact Info
Company Name:WELCOME CO., LTD.(Exporter,Manufacturer,Direct sales,Retailer,Distributor,Wholesaler,Importer)
Contact Person:Richard Chang
Business Address:4F., No.276, Sec. 1, Ta Tung Rd., Hsi Chih District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
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