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Product feature

    EFFICIENCY: Due to its built-in smart power regulation chip the device with fe fully recharged within 45 minutes to 1 hour no matter if it is recharged on a PC Laptop, wall plug, power bank.

    PRODUCTIVE: After each charging, ECO Sealer can seal up to 100 plastic bags (clips, packet of crisps, freezer bags, salad bags, packets of nuts frozen vegetable and much more).

    STYLISH: The number one USB Rechargeable Bag Sealer in the world.
    The size is only 9.7L x 3.0W x 2.8H cm.
    Individual weight without packing: 71g

    BUILT-IN LITHIUM BATTERY: It is equipped with a quality built-in Lithium battery that is appropriate for at least 1000 charges.

    RELIABLE: The battery does not drain ever though that device is not used for a prolonged time. (Unlike AA Alkaline batteries).

    CONVENIENT: With its magnetic back it is always under your hand and easily reachable. Simply attach your ECO Sealer on any metal surface. (Fridge, oven, microwave oven etc.)

Product Specifications

Business Information

  • Certification:CE,GS,RoHS

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Company Name:WELCOME CO., LTD.(Exporter,Manufacturer,Direct sales,Distributor,Importer)
Contact Person:Richard Chang
Business Address:4F., No.276, Sec. 1, Ta Tung Rd., Hsi Chih District, New Taipei City, Taiwan